Eurocontrol route validating

The European market wants self-service; our RTS solution allows them to do it themselves when they want or use our operations center when then need support.” OFP – File & Go eliminates planning complexity as the system’s integration with Google Maps allows pilots and dispatchers to build multi-leg itineraries and plan fuel stops based on fuel burns, ETEs and range.

Using its proprietary databases of more than 20,000 regulatory, airport and country factors, the system automatically determines the necessary landing permits, slots, and more based on the route.

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AMRUFRA, which started on 7 April and will last for a period of three weeks, involves 25 controllers.

Thanks to UDPP, airspace users will be able to define their priorities and manage their delays when traffic is busy.

EUROCONTROL is undertaking a large scale multi-centre real-time simulation to validate new airspace and route scenarios that will come as a result of the Functional Airspace Block (FAB) initiative, FABEC.

For radar colors, the user can choose between Garmin’s depiction, , Alt or Classic.

Infrared satellite colors are available in three Alt views or Classic.