Errors were encountered while validating xml schemas

If this is the incorrect namespace, perhaps the prefix of 'ns1: Exception' needs to be changed.If this is the correct namespace, then an appropriate 'import' tag should be added to 'file:///C:/Documents and Settings/mauro/Documenti/Eclipse33 workspace/Problema Axis2/Test Service.wsdl'.The following are important notes to consider when using the method.The example creates an Xml Document that contains an associated XSD schema using the Xml Reader Settings and Xml Reader objects.Preferences and select Validation in the left pane.The Validation page of the Preferences window lists the validators available in your project and their settings.The Xml Document class does not validate the XML in the Document Object Model (DOM) against an XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema or document type definition (DTD) by default; the XML is only verified to be well-formed.

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When running java2wsdl with the following options: java2wsdl -o -cn test.To disable individual validators, clear the check boxes next to each validator that you want to disable.Each validator has a check box to specify whether it is enabled for manual validation or on a build. This image shows how to exclude certain folders (or files) for XML validation.The second way is to validate a previously untyped XML document using the Validate method of the Xml Document class. Load(reader) Dim navigator As XPath Navigator = document. The Xml Document object reports schema validation errors and warnings using the Validation Event Handler delegate passed as a parameter to the Validate method. In both cases, changes to the validated XML document can be revalidated using the Validate method of the Xml Document class. The following example validates the Imports System Imports System.