Error in validating the xml file against the latest schema language of dating

It also lets you control whether or not JMeter parses HTML files for images and other embedded resources and sends HTTP requests to retrieve them.

With Oxygen XML Author, you have access to standard XML-based frameworks (such as DITA and Doc Book), ready-to-use publishing formats, helpful review tools, and unmatched extensibility and connectivity.

by using the event value we can get error type and error position, some of the displayed there.

Usually when HTML is parsed the document is saved with the HTML serializer, but with this option the resulting document is saved with the XML serializer.

Validate(On Validate) it do the main job in validation.

On Validate is a method whiche get validation errors in its event and take action, a user can write that function like below, we want to show the error in list box which named as Error List1, so customized function will be . In Validation Event Args e provide the error message.