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Hey used to be on here under the same name but apparently my account got deleted. My hubby and I both believe that I’m gift not only to him but to all men. My rule for this site: Leave the drama at the doorstep, I'm here to relax and to have fun. more my age....55 and up I am never rude....always suave...Yet stories of potentially doomed, first-time love between self-destructive, closeted teenagers remain as popular as ever. Today, heterosexual young love is usually portrayed on screen as sweet and awkward, but rarely passionate and dangerous, presumably because adolescence and young adulthood is not where most straight people have their greatest love affairs.

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and once in a while tip-toe on the naughty side too.I'm friendly, English, quite out-going, and I like getting to know people. I'm not at all prudish, i love to experiment, and I have a good sense of humour. At the usual age I began to mature and notice how my body reacted tocertain stimulation.It was amazing to see the change in my little friend when I need to pee. I suppose it's a fetish for me: I am turned on by women who are good with words.