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And Btw, while I'm at it, seriously, why are most whisky blogs and forums (well, the ones I know of) getting SO deadly serious? Mouth: this is much sweeter and fruitier, with a little lemon and a lot of cider apple (or other small green apples). Nose: we’re close to the 1983, only more powerful and hence a tad raw and spirity. With water: a load of very ‘natural’ and pleasantly immature aromas (pleasant because they’re very ‘natural’ and close to the raw materials, grain and yeast).

Poor Littlemill used to be Scotland’s oldest distillery before it’s closure in 1994, as it was founded in 1772. Nose: starts on a rather striking and unexpected smokiness (rather paper and cardboard smoke but then also pinewood) and gets then rather vanilled (straight vanilla pods), with also notes of cornflakes and muesli and then a very obvious grassiness (dried cut lawn grass). Big bitterness after that, very unusual again, on fresh walnuts and apple peel. Finish: long and even bitterer (very grassy), in that sense quite spectacular. Porridge sprinkled with lemon juice, beer and the same kind of smokiness as in the 1983. Well, that’s because you don’t read The Robb Report (NOT The Robber’s Report), and if you don’t read The Robb Report it’s because, just like us, you’re no billionaire, whether in dollars, pounds, yens, euros, yuans, rupees our roubles (but of course we’re all billionaires in peace, love, friendship and understanding).

For an explanation of the differences between bush & vine plant types, click here.

GOOD FLAVOUR We’re pleased to offer what may well be the best tasting tomato there is, named after tomato breeder Dr Carolyn Mayle.

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But if you can't seem to get warm despite piling on the layers — and if no one else around you feels as cold — it may not just be the weather that's to blame.

Wolfgang Dauner was at the piano, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen at the double-bass and Daniel Humair at the drums. - Whisky collectors, you should all read this piece that was published in Planet Earth online.

You'll find out that the majority of old pre-1950 whiskies that have been tested using carbon dating have been proven fakes!

Glen Albyn - Glenallachie Glenburgie - Glencadam Glencraig - Glendronach Glendullan - Glen Elgin Glenesk - Glenfarclas Glenfiddich - Glen Garioch Glenglassaugh - Glengoyne Glen Grant - Glen Keith Glenkinchie - Glenlivet Glenlochy - Glenlossie Glen Mhor - Glenmorangie Glen Moray - Glen Ord Glenrothes - Glen Scotia Glen Spey - Glentauchers Glenturret - Glenugie Glenury Royal So, where's this Kai Tan whisky to be found?

And doesn't what Craig says about Starbucks remind us of quite a few whisky brands/distilleries?