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Kalani's taught me a few things, but I'm still learning." Justin Rezvani, founder and CEO of The Amplify, said the company will be able to create credible bots for more sophisticated influencers that go way beyond make-up as a topic.

"The whole point is that what we are doing is not a scripted experience," he said.

But many online customer service platforms have been using chatbots for some time to help stem the amount of incoming phone calls, frequently asked questions, and other common customer service concerns.

The user typically types a question and, based on certain keywords and phrases in that question, the chatbot searches its database to find and deliver the appropriate response.

Cover Girl has released what it claims is the first influencer chatbot marketing campaign, using a program designed to emulate a real person's conversational style.

The make-up brand, which was spun off to Coty from Procter & Gamble in October, invited fans to use the teen-focused messaging app Kik to interact with a chatbot version of Kalani Hilliker, a 16-year-old American dancer, model and TV personality.

The chatbot was created by influencer marketing platform The Amplify and chatbot developer Automat, companies that became part of the 18-month-old network You & Mr Jones in mid-2016.

"Mobile commerce will be colossal using bots," said David Jones, former Havas global CEO and founder of You & Mr Jones. Traditional ads can cost thousands per click -- this is a conversation on Kik." Results so far include 14 times more conversations with the chatbot than with an average post by Ms.

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One of the first chatterbots (as they were called back in the 60s) was Eliza, a bot created at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. Or perhaps it’s simply because we humans were just not that ready for interacting with bots.For developers, it’s extremely expensive to get their app discovered, to retain users and to monetise them.On top of building a truly viral app, to succeed in this environment, it takes serious investment in marketing, PR and community. Earlier this year, Facebook, Slack and Skype announced they’re open for (chatbot) business.Hilliker, 91% positive sentiment, an average of 17 messages per conversation, 48% of conversations leading to coupon delivery and 51% click-through on coupons delivered, according to Mr. Kalani Bot analyzed and then simulated the influencer's conversational style across all her social media accounts to define its persona, but has not tried to fool fans that it is the real person. Hilliker, who has 3.3 million followers on Instagram (which was used to push the Kik campaign) introduces her bot and says, "She thinks she's *actually* me lol." Cover Girl's campaign is still underway, and Kalani Bot gets smarter with use as she learns new fan interactions, according to its creators.Gifs, emojis and pieces of content are popular, for example.