Direct dating definition

directly - without delay or hesitation; with no time intervening; "he answered immediately"; "found an answer straightaway"; "an official accused of dishonesty should be suspended forthwith"; "Come here now!"honestly, openly, frankly, plainly, face-to-face, overtly, point-blank, unequivocally, truthfully, candidly, unreservedly, straightforwardly, straight from the shoulder (informal), without prevarication Sagaciously under their spectacles, did they peep into the holds of vessels Mighty was their fuss about little matters, and marvellous, sometimes, the obtuseness that allowed greater ones to slip between their fingers Whenever such a mischance occurred -- when a waggon-load of valuable merchandise had been smuggled ashore, at noonday, perhaps, and beneath their unsuspicious noses -- nothing could exceed the vigilance and alacrity with which they proceeded to lock, and double-lock, and secure with tape and sealing -- wax, all the avenues of the delinquent vessel.Crediting a bank account to which the funds will be made available at a later date.It is done electronically, with the permission of the account holder.This practice is most commonly used with direct deposit from the account holder's employer.It has also now become popular among government transactions as it saves both time and money for both the receiving and depositing parties.You’re right when you say that he seems unsure of what he wants, but there’s no way he could be sure of what he wants with you yet.The only honest answer any guy could give is that he wants to spend time with you and see what happens.

We have talked about getting together, but have yet to actually set a date.

In order to be approved, these retailers are subjected to careful vetting procedures – and, once approved, they are required to give indemnity guarantees through their banks.

Usually, the customer has to sign a direct debit form, although some trusted originators are authorised to set up direct debits where the customer has given authority over the phone.

First, the direct debit guarantee which ensures that the customer's bank will refund disputed payments without question, pending further investigations.

The other being that a direct debit can only be set up for payments to retailers that are approved "originators" of direct debits.