Dhcp server not updating dns records italian dating new york

Is there any config file which I can edit to enable this feature? I know that dhcp v3 server can send updates to bind9 DNS, but not sure what versions are running on Synology.Sorry, my Windows knowledge is very good, but unfortunately my Linux is somewhat limited.

If no ddns-hostname is specified in scope, then the server will derive the hostname automatically, using an algorithm that varies for each of the different update methods.

#tl;dr version: You are running Synology Diskstation DNS and DHCP services and you want dynamic DHCP reservations to update DNS immediately.

#Background Synology Diskstation has an embedded DNS server that can be enabled for your network.

The ddns-domainname statementddns-domainname name; The name parameter should be the domain name that will be appended to the client's hostname to form a fully-qualified domain-name (FQDN).update-static-leases flag; The update-static-leases flag, if enabled, causes the DHCP server to do DNS updates for clients even if those clients are being assigned their IP address using a fixed-address statement - that is, the client is being given a static assignment.

This can only work with the interim DNS update scheme.