Delete rsvp dating account

I think there should be something that if you have not logged in over 30 days you're account becomes hidden from search & browsing, and if you do not log in after 3 months its automatically deleted.It would be easier if the dead weight from the site was cut off, it'd give people opportunities to speak to people who are actually active. Click on the down-arrow next to your portrait at the top of the screen to open the Profile Dropdown menu 3. You will be asked to answer a few questions about your experience with e Harmony 7. Click the "Close Account" link at the bottom of the page to begin the cancellation process 6.The other thing I noticed on paid sites is the quality of members.

Zoosk refused to discuss its policy, saying in an email: "We take security very seriously, especially with regards to customer data, but we don't comment on our specific security implementations."There was no response from the other sites.

Following the 2013 hack of Queensland-based dating service Cupid Media, Australia's privacy commissioner last year recommended such sites should encrypt passwords, delete old information and conduct regular scans for vulnerabilities.

Both said their sites were HTTPS — in other words, things like logins and passwords were encrypted.e Harmony said it deleted all data upon request, but "data is not automatically deleted upon account closure, nor is it considered standard practice to do so".

The requests were made after the dating site Ashley Madison, which specialises in facilitating affairs, fell victim to hackers.

A group called Impact Team claims to have stolen the private details of the site's 30 million users, including one million Australians, although so far they have only released the details of two customers and there are reports the attack may have come from the inside. In May another online service called Adult Friend Finder was hacked and more than three million users had their sexual preferences and fantasies made public.

Delete rsvp dating account