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A friend setting you up means the guygirl is vetted.

Let them play cupid, but make it clear that the way the date pans out is not a reflection on your friend, or you, or the person that you meet.

The main reason why Russian women want to marry Western men is because they want to have a family and they have not found a suitable mate in their own country.

Russian women are motivated to get and stay married.

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You will be shocked when the demure little sex kitten you met in Kiev starts to show her claws after you are married. You may wonder where that cute little girl that you first met has gone to.

Well, that cute little girl is now a wife and she takes her responsibilities as a wife seriously.

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You will have to overcome cultural differences, language problems, and other types of misunderstandings. In addition, usually marriages between Russian women and Western men are marriages between two people who hardly know each other.But the biggest difference between online dating and meeting someone in the real world is how much words count, specifically, written words.A lot of men fail when it comes to online dating because they don’t give good email 😉 Yes, it’s that important.LET FRIENDS PLAY CUPID No one knows you quite like your besties do, so let them set you up with someone that they can vouch for.It is better for single people to meet through friends because there is familiarity and comfort that goes with that.