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Did you play saxophone instead of point guard in high school? Get your geek on with other sharp LGBT singles at our monthly Dating for Gay Nerds and Dating for Lesbian Nerds singles mixers– where trivia quizzes and ferocious board gaming wins you fun nerdy prizes as well as hearts!

Gay Geeks is a forum for (duh) gay geeks of all types to hang out, chat, debate, rant, occasionally flirt shamelessly, and just generally chill. We're in a crazy alpha period right now, where I randomly add new features and break old ones all the time, while getting feedback from you guys. If you register as a user you can get access to our forums, where you talk about anything, as well as exchange private messages with other users, and set up a profile with a gallery. (And I don't mean Caribou on Broadway -- when I go in there I feel like I AM going into a gay bar.)How about a chill, non-pressure place where very discrete guys like us can go and maybe meet up if there's some eye contact or a smile?I'm thinking another Caribou -- the ones on Clark (one near Wellington and one near Fullerton).To enable cookies for your browser: Last updated December 13, 2013 Your privacy is important to Domain Tools.This privacy policy is designed to tell you how we collect and use personal information so you can make an informed decision about using our websites, including,, and other sites on which this policy is posted.