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Last week at True Love, I took a poll called “Are These Dating Deal Breakers” asking singles to respond “yes” or “no” as to whether something was a dating deal breaker.

I had some really important traits on the list, mixed in with a few qualities that some might say aren’t as important in a relationship. Do you think smoking is reflective of deeper issues, or is the smoking in and of itself the deal-breaker (the scent, cost, etc.)?

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The profiles were of both men and women with the same education level, types of interests, and jobs; the only difference being some bragged a bit more about their accomplishments like graduating with honors as opposed to just graduating. The profiles that bragged LESS about their accomplishments had a HIGHER rate of acceptance.

OK, so that wasn’t really a shocker because who wants a douchebag talking all day about his or her greatness? You don’t need to embellish your life achievements or talk about the new BMW you just bought with your bonus from your high-level job.

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Being single in New York usually means that you subscribe to the polite rules of dating, i.e.

When women between the ages of 18 and 40 are evaluating a date or hookup partner, they listed sexism as the ultimate deal-breaker, according to a survey by Sapio.

Men ages 18-29 were also concerned with the wokeness of their dates, saying the number-one deal breaker was racism or intolerance, while those ages 30-40 were opposed to bad hygiene. But the results varied a bit by sexual orientation: Sexism was the worst trait in the eyes of straight women of all age groups, while bisexual women worried about racism first, and lesbians were concerned about excessive drug use.

(I’m looking at you, Date #43 who forgot his wallet conveniently just as the dinner bill came.)But hey, we have online dating now so it should be easier, right? You can hide your not so desirable traits behind a computer screen, you can catfish, or you can just lay it all out on the table, which isn’t always a good thing.

Before the rise of the internet, you had to meet someone face to face first (the horror! Speaking as someone who has gone on a LOT of disastrous dates pre-marriage, I can attest to the fact that there are some really obnoxious people out there.