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I was NOT having a good week the last time I updated a relationship ended badly. This is an apology for my last super angsty chapter. If I did, the original Lockon would get more air time, Tieria would actually kiss Mileina, and I would NOT have sold it to the licensing companies.Words: 2 108Notes: I know I've already done a Valentine's chapter, but this just came to me because we are baking cookies right now and I am planning on giving some to my long-time friend…the cookies were a failure so I just melted down chocolate and put it in moulds to give to them.

But unlike the other alternate universe series, the "era" of this one is A. There are other countries that aren't part of any of these powers, and they wage war against each other for control of what natural resources are left on the Earth (among other conflicts).These four young men are called the Gundam Meisters, and each has his own troubled past, and secrets (the names they use are pseudonyms).It seems as if Celestial Being may have been founded around 200 years earlier, by a scientist named Aeolia Schenberg, who had discovered the GN particles, which power the Gundams and their various weapons. He’d been in places that felt like this before, that uneasy, unrestful feeling. It had been in the entire city following the bombing that claimed his parents’ and sister’s lives. He had his hands shoved into his pockets as he walked into the hall, shaking off the creepy feeling that was crawling up his spine.