Dating while seperated in north carolina

Reconciliation occurs if at any time the spouses move back in together or otherwise stop intending to live separately.While isolated instances of spending time together or even isolated instances of sexual conduct between the spouses does not necessarily count as reconciliation for legal purposes, it is best to avoid these activities if you know you do not want to reconcile with your spouse.Service is typically accomplished either by the local sheriff’s department, or by certified mail.Remember, when you litigate, you will be letting a judge make the decisions, taking all of the decision making abilities out of yours and your spouse’s hands.To qualify for an absolute divorce in North Carolina you must be legally separated for at least one year and a day.Legal separation occurs on the date when one or both spouses move into a separate residence with the intention of living apart permanently.

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Consult with an attorney to discuss your rights and to make sure you understand the separation papers before signing them, as they become a binding contract once signed by both husband and wife.The cost and time alone are reason enough to try to reach an agreement outside of court.The majority of family law cases are resolved by settlement.Isolated incidents of sexual intercourse during a separation does not mean the spouses have reconciled such that a new one-year waiting period is required for a divorce.Our courts consider the "totality of the circumstances" to determine if the parties have reconciled.