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Starting in 1956 and continuing until coeducation, the college newspapers published guides to the college men that a Vassar girl might associate with during her four years on campus.Below is a collection of the advice through this period.In 1902, Mary Swain Wagner and Anne Edith Lapham, both alumnae of Vassar, established the College Inn, later called the Wagner Inn, which extended on Raymond Avenue from what is now the corner of Raymond and Collegeview to La Grange Avenue.Until the Alumnae House opened as a lodging for alumnae and guests of the college in 1924, the Inn provided accommodations for alumnae and other visitors to the college, as well as a space for student social gatherings and, around the turn of the century, suffrage meetings (which |President James M. Another location of suffrage meetings was the cemetery at the end of Collegeview Avenue – this type of gathering became known as a “graveyard rally.” When Henry Noble Mac Cracken became President of Vassar in 1915, he recognized a need for greater cooperation between Vassar and Arlington, and he spearheaded a movement to increase the college’s involvement in the community.In 1872, Bull’s Head was renamed East Poughkeepsie, in an effort to make the village sound more dignified.

Each object in the collection can serve as an example to teach about fashion’s norms or innovations that developed throughout history, yet each garment also comes to us from Vassar’s community and represents Vassar’s own past, telling us in turn about the history of women’s education and the history of the Hudson Valley.By exposing these stereotypes to public scrutiny, the newspapers in a sense admitted the absurdity of their own pretensions.- More Vassar girls date Yalies than any other variety of college male.On February 8, 2015, I filed Title IX charges against my ex-boyfriend Kevin: two counts of Sexual Misconduct and one count of Dating Violence.A Vassar College administrator immediately issued a no-contact order via email with the expectation that I “avoid having any interactions with Kevin.”I was told that “anything that might be posted in a public area–such as the internet–in addition to more individualized and private interactions” would justify sanctions against me.