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In an interview with scholar Viviane Namaste, she presents examples of transgender sex workers who were murdered in Toronto for being sex workers and accuses the organizers of TDo R of using these women who died for being sex workers as martyrs of the transgender community.The San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (SFTFF) is the world’s first and longest running transgender film festival.I would like to take things slow, get to know each other well and just enjoy each other's company.If you treat with respect best believe you will get that in return.Doing so in the Bay Area, where, numerous people said, being black and trans still invites difficulties and discrimination, is a way of providing support for one another.Last week, Boudreaux and more than a dozen others participated in a hackathon to build “solutions to social problems unique to transgender people of color.” It was organized by Trans H4ck, an Oakland organization that acts as a hub and a home for transgender and gender nonconforming folks and allies in the tech industry.This is our biggest festival ever.” The 2016 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival lineup features an outstanding collection of transgender shorts and feature films—with powerful tales of love, defiance, bullying, relationships, sex, humor, romance, political organizing and community-building.

“It made me feel very unsafe,” said Boudreaux, a black transgender woman and student at San Francisco State University.Resonating alongside (but not limited to) trans activists Ce Ce Mc Donald, Reina Gossett, Sylvia Rivera, and Dean Spade, Snorton and Haritaworn's work advocates for the importance of an intersectional approach to events such as TDo R and transgender activism in general.Scholar Sarah Lamble (2008) argues that TDo R's focus on a collective mourning risks producing the white spectator as innocent of, rather than complicit in, the violence that produces the deaths of trans women of color they are mourning.And this November 10–13, SFTFF celebrates its 15th Anniversary festival with four days and nights of award winning films at the Roxie Theater.Featuring inspiring documentaries, jaw dropping animation, hard hitting short films, extraordinary biopics and gender-busting music videos, SFTFF 2016 truly has something for everyone.