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One video from the party also shows Drake and J-Lo dancing and singing along to a song that sounds very much like it could well be a musical collaboration between the pair and we're already hoping to see a release in the near future.

Rumours that 'Drennifer' was happening started circulating after the pair both shared photos of them together in Las Vegas, where J-Lo is currently doing a residency and Drake was left holding the diamond-encrusted baseball cap.

‘Around 2am they changed DJs and the music got even louder.

There were people falling out of the house and staggering down the street.’ A call out for strippers to appear in the video was apparently put out last minute, reading: ‘We need a lot of you. Stripper girls needed — £360.’ One fan branded it ‘too sexual’, while another quipped it should have been released on 4/20, given that he’s seen smoking a roll up cigarette.

His followers are loving the new release, which received 20,000 views within 10 minutes.

Nathan Sykes is back and – in his own words – he’s now ‘grown up’.

But then you’ve got the cameramen on the bed with you filming. Him and Kelsey are very sweet together, I’m very glad he’s finally popped the question.’ He wants his music video to make people realise he’s grown up now ‘Over And Over showed my romantic side. But then I want some people to remember I’m 23, I’m not 37.’ Basically, Nathan is loving life ‘Things have changed for me. Going from every single day with four other guys to suddenly just overnight writing your own music and getting to know who you are as an artist, instead of being who you are as part of a band.‘There were scantily clad women everywhere, dancing in the pool and in the gardens.The strippers all looked similar, blonde with giant boobs, and the music was deafening.2 spot on the top album’s list with “Anti,” while Adele’s “25,” Frank Ocean’s “Blonde,” which also debuted on Apple, and Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” rounded out the top five.(KSAT)“Drake could never look at Rihanna and tell her that he’s in love with Nicki too,” a source close to the Views star tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.