Dating service for truck drivers

Over the years we lost touch but reconnected a few months ago. I've been dating a truck driver for approx 2 months now, and everytime he gets on the road and puts the petal to the metal, he starts having doubts about our relationship.

Most recently he stated to me that " he didn't know what kind of life this was going to be...

You aren't used to it, the separation can almost be unbearable at times.

My first piece of advice is to maintain communication! I realize you may be hurt or betrayed because your trucker was forced into this career, but keep in mind that they're not any happier about the separation than you are. You're the reason they keep rolling down the road, putting the miles behind them.

Over the years we lost touch but reconnected a few months ago. I am trying my best to not let this happen but am finding it hard. and I am conflicted on what to do as this is a totally new experience for me.

This guy and I have known eachother for years he was the first guy to ever get me a gift, my first dance, and my first kiss.

Sometimes trucking marriages don't make it, and this part of the vow becomes, "To have and to hold from this day forth, till trucking do us part." Life isn't easy. The home time visits are few and far between, and way too short. You need two committed people, it can't be just one. Trucking marriages are already difficult, but if your spouse isn't committed, it will never work.

Its not always easy to be committed in a trucking marriage.

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