Dating people that sleep with cats

Studies show that nearly two-thirds of owners sleep with their cats.

The practice is controversial, however, because of concerns about disease transmission and sleep disruption.

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If that was true, then how come a whopping 62 per cent of cat owners say their pets sleep either on or in their beds?

Another reason people let their cats into bed with them is that it’s the path of least resistance.

While a dog can be trained to sleep in a dog bed on the floor or in a crate, it’s very hard to retrain a cat who has been allowed on the bed.

‘I worry about claws near my genitals,’ he said, shivering on the pavement, almost throwing himself in front of passing yellow cabs. For believe it or not, his aversion to me sleeping with my cats was as big a turn-off for me as it was for him.

She hates it if I move to switch off the lamp, or sneeze …’I could have continued for an hour or so on this subject, but he was already on his feet, shrugging on his cashmere jumper.