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We’ve all witnessed it before, a beautiful woman in a relationship with, let’s just say, a less than attractive man.Of course it’s not all about looks, and shouldn’t be, but still some of us can’t help but wonder…what is she REALLY doing with him?They found that men rated women with more feminine features more highly for a fling.The preference was especially high among men who were already in a steady relationship."When a man has secured a mate, the potential cost of being discovered may increase his choosiness regarding short-term partners relative to unpartnered men, who can better increase their short-term mating success by relaxing their standards," wrote the study authors.There were two versions of each face - one with slightly more feminine and the other more masculine features.The faces were taken from European or Japanese faces.Well maybe she knows a thing or two about relationships that some women who only want the Idris Elba look alike, don’t know: dating a less than attractive man may have it perks.If physical attributes are high on your list of fulfillment when it comes to the opposite sex, then maybe you can’t get past a set of less than straight teeth, an extra receding hairline, or a hefty pair of men breasts; but if you can then there may be a man underneath the flaws (that we all have) that can love and appreciate you.

Feminine features are associated with a higher level of the female hormone oestrogen, which is also linked with reproductive success.But in making long-term choices, men "may actually prefer less attractive/feminine women," they added.So I've noticed at my school that very attractive guys date girls who are way less psychically attractive than they are and I mean way less attractive. Is it because they are easier to control and have sex with? So you are basically saying that hot chicks are too much of a challenge for you.From my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you.-Jimmy Soul, 1963 Every red-blooded boy dreams of growing up and marrying an attractive woman.