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Transcript: If you encounter paparazzi:- Remain Calm- Stay a safe distance away.- Scare it away by making noise.- Do not play dead.Do not run.- If they do not leave, move to a secure area.

Putting photos on Photofeeler is safer than any alternative."The classic example is people who are, perhaps, a little bit overweight deliberately choosing a very cropped photo, or bald men, for example, deliberately choosing pictures where they're wearing hats," she says in her talk."But actually this is the opposite of what you should do if you want to be successful.You should really, instead, play up to whatever it is that makes you different, even if you think that some people will find it unattractive," she says.While has a lot of features, it is still an easy site to navigate.Most of the pages are self-explanatory, and if a member needs extra help understanding the site, has a useful help page.