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This date weekend is all about a “Boys Night Out” and a “Girls Night Out” with just the two of you.

Who says boys can only do boy things and that girls can only do girl things?

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Prepare for the date by getting a few items together: a tinfoil or dutch oven dinner, blankets, air mattress, targets, pens, a chick flick, movie player, guns, and ammo. To ensure that there’s “no peeking” I’ve used hearts to cover up our sexy ideas.

Take a drive up to the mountains away from the city, find a nice secluded spot where you can start a fire for your dinners, and get everything set up all cozy like. The winner gets to pick 3 things on their target that they want fulfilled by the loser. This will give you a chance to get creative and think of your own intimate wish list!

Once you’re all settled in grab your guns, ammo, pens, and targets. After the two of you have shot your hearts out, it’s time to enjoy a warm and tasty dinner.

Spice up your shooting adventure by creating a sexy challenge. There’s nothing better than a meal and dessert over the fire!

Dating boys games for girls