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Agnes was gracious enough to answer some questions about , and making out with ladies. I think I watched the whole thing in, like, two days or something. AB: We kind of did our own thing, because it’s not really a zombie-type show for me.After Thank you, first of all, for taking some time to talk—I appreciate it. It’s a lot more—you have to think outside the box as to what happened or where [the returned] are coming from. AE: So, Episode 6 just aired this week, and we saw Nikki and Julie starting to reconnect a little bit.The face was decomposed- eyelids sunken, nostrils sealed, mouth gasping and crooked.Two lengths of brown shoelace were wrapped around the neck.Therefore luminescence properties of coarse grain (100–200 μm) quartz and in addition K-rich feldspar were investigated with the aim to reconstruct the chronology of the glacial processes within the Ybbs catchment area.Issues of incomplete bleaching were p IRIR225 encountered and addressed by comparing quartz OSL, fading corrected K feldspar IR50 and p IRIR225 to identify reliable ages.

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Officer Nikki Banks, played by the lovely Agnes Bruckner, is a tough cop trying to keep the peace during the town’s crisis, while also protecting her ex-girlfriend, Julie. AE: I know that the show is really closely based on a French series of the same name (), did you watch that at all to prepare for your role? I didn’t see it before I auditioned, but then after I got [the part of Nikki] I watched the French version. AE: I know [] is such a different take on the traditional zombie story, but I was wondering if you looked to that genre at all for inspiration?

AE: So, I actually have a theory, and I don’t know if you can confirm or deny anything—or if it’s going to come up later—but, in my head, Nikki didn’t become a cop until after Julie’s attack, like she did it because of Julie’s attack. AB: [laughs] AE: So, anyway, speaking of Julie—Sandrine Holt was on back in the day, so, obviously, we love her at After Ellen. And Sandrine is one of those actresses who loves what we do, but also has a sense of humor, so we would laugh all the time.

So now she’s this tough as nails cop, but she’s got a heart of gold and she doesn’t know how to express it. [Author’s note: I think I just really like describing people as having a heart of gold.]AB: Mmmm, I mean, that’s a good idea, but no. [laughs] I remember the first time—I think it was Episode 3, Episode “Victor,” when we were in the Halloween costumes, and it was the first time I had to kiss her.

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