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A backpacker is a person who travels to different destinations with a limited budget. Most of the things on your bucket list, have already been tried and tested by your man. It’s not magic but hard-earned first-hand experiences in tough situations. He usually doesn’t answer to anybody but to himself.He visits a place for a longer duration as compared to that of a normal tourist. Well, here I tell you some amazing reasons about why you should date a backpacker. :-P Being a travel enthusiast, his life is full of colorful and rich experiences. He will engage you in his sordid tales of backpacking. So, you will find a good company in him for your own shenanigans. So, be assured, he won’t be a clingy boyfriend who will make 10 calls in an hour just to ask whether you have eaten or not. He lives in hostels and there's a chance he may have to leave the country one day, but I love him so let's try look past that." No, this isn't the tagline to a cheesy rom-com, this is my reality.I'm dating a backpacker, and let me tell you, it's sure been one crazy journey.The results will show you their interests and if they match yours you can plan to meet or travel together.This feature can be a handy aid in helping to eliminate the fear of travelling alone.I knew that New Zealand was a great place to live, we have it pretty good in this wee nation.However, it wasn't until I met a backpacker that I opened my eyes to how beautiful our country really is.

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However, the best thing about dating one is how much I've come to appreciate New Zealand.

It’s a constant rotation of eating peanuts out of a bag and sitting on curbs eating out of bowls. I remember dancing with a really cute Argentenian guy in Kuta.

Oooh, maybe he can buy you a smoothie, but no Haagen Dazs for you!

I thought it was real cute, but the older, married lady, cynic stepped in and I immediately I jumped to the ten reasons to NEVER date a backpacker: 10. It’s awesome to meet some cute German guy on Khao San, but what happens if you really like the guy?

He’s leaving for Kho Pha Ngan tomorrow, so, too bad for you. We know that hostel showers that are situated right directly next to the toilet and have tiny soaps in them aren’t really going to get us all that clean. Once someone picks up a significant other it’s not really that fun for the rest of us traveling.