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Haver, graduated from a Texas high school in 2008, sharing a class with Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, according to the Copperas Cove Herald.She was a cross-country runner at the school, and received a scholarship to attend West Point through ROTC.As a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, you will be trained to overcome the toughest challenges and gain the confidence and skills to overcome impossible odds.While the Ranger Regiment is composed of a multitude of Military Occupational Specialties, from its extraordinarily proficient light infantrymen to its world champion chefs, when you are accepted into the Regiment, you know you are surrounded by only the most professional, skilled, and hand-picked Soldiers the Army has to offer.If they pass, they will become the first Ranger-qualified women in the history of the U. If they graduate, the Army must confront a separate, but related, decision: Whether to allow women to try out for the elite 75th Ranger Regiment.The highly trained Special Operations unit carries out raids and other difficult missions and includes about 3,600 soldiers, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report.Wet, often cold, tired to the point of hallucination, and oh yeah, let’s do a live-fire exercise.It was pretty easy to make mistakes at that level of exhaustion. Get to one of the battalions and expect to be deployed often to some of the nastiest spots you can imagine.

Army Ranger students were a few hours into a mission known as Operation Pegasus, and needed to parachute in from a height of about 1,100 feet.Griest, who has ran competitively at West Point, has already been selected for promotion to captain.She was the distinguished honor graduate last December in a preparatory pre-Ranger School course run by her unit, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, the Washington Post reported.They floated down into the open fields of Eglin with 70 pounds of equipment, food and water before disappearing into thick brush, beginning a 10-day exercise that ends this Saturday and is the last major field event in the Army’s famously difficult Ranger School.History is in the balance: For the first time, two female students advanced to the third and final phase of the notoriously exhausting course in the swamps of Florida and are within reach of graduating. 21 graduation ceremony at Fort Benning, Ga., that is expected to draw not only family and friends, but hundreds of other well-wishers and media from across the country.