Dating after testicular cancer marriage statistics for online dating

You’ll need to discuss treatment options with your health care team.

Some men feel uncomfortable discussing sexual concerns with others.

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I suppose at the time it was yeah, again I can't really remember.

One area of life that might change after cancer and treatment is the ability to have or enjoy sex.

I suppose in a way because a lot of that you know, as far as I'm concerned is, I say a bad memory, I've tended to shut a lot of it out of my mind.

"There I was with a positive pregnancy test and something growing inside of me.

“They didn’t know what type of cancer I had,” said Byron. "The doctor kept saying things but it wasn't really going in,” he said.

"I left the room and fainted - I think it was the fear of the unknown." He was referred to the Teenage Cancer Trust unit in Cambridge, which asked him to provide a sample for a pregnancy test to check his hormones.