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In addition, about half of the teens (48.5 percent overall; 44.2 percent of males and 50.5 percent of females) sought help from a parent.

Learn more from: Overall, results from NIJ-funded studies suggest that m​any teens never seek help after experiencing dating violence.

When they do seek help, they most commonly seek help from their friends.

Very few teens seek formal help from an adult service provider.

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Victims may experience traumatic sexualization,because the abuse has repeatedly violated their body space and acted against their will through coercion and manipulation (page 3).HONOLULU — About one in three American youths age 14-20 say they’ve been of victims of dating violence and almost one in three acknowledge they’ve committed violence toward a date, according to new research presented at the American Psychological Association’s 121st Annual Convention."Adolescent dating violence is common among young people.However, young women can be violent, and young men can also be victims.Gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered teens are also equally at risk.