Dating a turkish man

So when thinking about Turkish men, I type this post in despair.

From today, I am sending out a strong message to all women travelers or tourists.

Right now I'm dating a guy who's parents are from Azerbaijan (a Turkic country). A Turkish guy here, I can give you few advices.1- Turkish man can be jeaolus Turkish man are known for their jealous acts. Feel relaxed.4- They love having a family time Some Turkish man are lazy, but I don’t think it should be generalised.

Some guys feel comfortable with knowing your friends, specially male friends.2- Be open Tell him what you like or don’t like. Ask him to take you to cinema or any other activities. They love to spend time with loved ones.5- Most of them, adore to eat Turkey is known for it’s delicious cuisine, so I guess this isn’t a big news for you.

If they aren’t trying to be fit and going to gym, make him some delicious food and he will love you even more.

I wondered if they would be anything like American men, the only type I knew, or if the culture would alter their personality completely.

I had heard stories of getting lots of extra attention from men if you were naturally blonde or red-headed, but that seemed normal since those are very distinct foreign looks.