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"The world's first envelope-controlled filter" was first made in 1972 by Mike Beigel and quickly became an essential effect for many funk musicians.Extracting elements from one of the prototypes of a synthesizer he was developing for Guild Guitar Company, Mike Beigel based the Mu-Tron III, at the instigation of Guild engineer Aaron Newman, on a prototype called the Timbre Generator.Original prototypes and personal samples by Mike Beigel.All units are originals from my personal collection, none of which are second-hand, and all are calibrated.

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If you want the original sound and circuitry of the Mu-Tron III, please buy either a used vintage original Mu-Tron III (and NOT the so-called "Mu-Tron III plus" which is not a vintage original Mu-Tron III )., where history, quality and innovation collide.

and Aaron Newman, an engineer who worked at Guild Guitar Company.

Beigel had been working on a synthesizer project for Guild, but the project was dropped after Guild's president, Al Dronge, was killed in an accident.

on a royalty basis, but ARP folded before the original owners of Musitronics could ever collect any money.

The Mu-Tron III is an envelope filter made by Musitronics Corporation.