Dating a first year medical resident

It’s not the first day of anatomy lab, when students cut into cadavers, or the beginning of rotations, when they meet patients for the first time.

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From my own informal poll of my classmates, 50% of them would not become a doctor if they knew what they know now. Most women do not even realize the full extent of what they are giving up to achieve their dream. It deals with a woman’s future family — or lack there of. Women would prefer to marry a guy that is more successful, makes more money, has a higher status, is taller, and is better educated. And because a typical medical school class will have more females than males, that means the supply of male doctors are low, which drives up the demand.

This term comes from the fact that resident physicians traditionally spend the majority of their training "in house," i.e., the hospital.

Duration of residencies can range from three years to seven years, depending upon the program and specialty.

When all the interviewing is done, students rank their top hospitals, and hospitals rank their favorite students.

You don’t want to waste your energy on a program that just isn’t that into you.

Dating a first year medical resident