Dating a cancer sign man

He is incredibly sensitive and emotionally intense, and this intensity can gather momentum rather quickly.

He will get attached to you, and this is not a sign that something is wrong.

You might enjoy having a man who'll sniffle though Hallmark made-for-TV-films with you, and share books like the Bridges of Madison County.

If this guy sounds like the man of your dreams, read on!

You may see him as a wonderfully sensitive romantic, but he really does have you on his mind and wants to be near you. He’s dating you because he wants you as a friend and lover.

Many women are scared off by the Cancer man because it seems like he’s rushing into the emotional aspects of the relationship.

Make sure to get in good with his crew for they mean as much to him as his family and other relationships.To be fair, you do only have time for a few dates and a little bit of passion.The Cancer man approaches dating a little differently.Cancer people are usually very close with their loved ones and their family.If you run out of content, ask about family members.