Dating a bodybuilder

Amongst the average gym-goers, you notice another kind of person in the area.

Bodybuilders are fine as wine and before you actually make your move and get into a relationship with your own Arnold Schwarzenegger, you need to check out these top 10 rules of dating a bodybuilder.

People who would rather say that they are proud to be lazy, that laziness did not choose them naaaah! We all have been there whether because we just like the dark romantic side of it, or we are just insecure about a little bit of cellulite on the thighs, some stretch marks on the belly, sagging breasts – Gravity!

This is for whoever is into that all embracing the body image movement.

Nutella on your French toast, a trip to Mc Donald’s at 3 am, copious amounts of pizza, – enough drooling already – can you really give up all these almost mini orgasms for the sake of dating the strictly notorious obsessed bodybuilder you are crushing on ? A bodybuilder can’t sacrifice his macros, and a foodie won’t give up on the gods of melting cheese. While you are horny and you want to give him a cow girl treat …wait that’s debatable he might count that as a late night cardio session anyway. If you are a night lover and your anthem is ” the nights belong to lovers” by Patti smith, just keep singing it while driving your car outta that bodybuilder’s life. If you’re German we expected you to be thick…and the expectations go on depending on your geographical position.

This will only lead to a rollercoaster of who’s having a better perspective on la joie de vivre , the girl who wants to satisfy her taste bugs or the bodybuilder who wants to satisfy his ego in front of the mirror. When Its comes to dating a bodybuilder, this can be a serious issue so we’ll spare you the sarcasm. - before this wave of Gymaholics became a trend, diversity was a plus. Now your bodybuilder crush expects you to be nothing but a #squater with that perky derriere and solid six pack.