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After Adele’s song “Hello” came out I (along with many others) were forced to revisit past relationships that I had otherwise long forgotten.Her deep, poetic lyrics have a way of ripping open emotional wounds and exposing all of your past feels.

You may know her for her cover of Bon Iver's "Skinny Love." Now I am a Bon Iver fan and am usually pretty quick to judge a cover as not living up to its original, but Birdy nailed it.She said: "Something like that [Prince showing up at her gig in 2005] is an incredible vote of confidence.So much of how he presented himself in the world was obviously a well-crafted persona, a way of controlling public perceptions, but in everyday life he seemed really kind and grounded and very generous." Meanwhile, Corinne recently revealed that she experienced a "rebirth" after the death of her husband.Corinne Bailey Rae The 57-year-old musician - who died suddenly at his Paisley Park home in the US last month - had championed Corinne, 37, since before she released her debut album in 2006 and although they weren't extremely close, she misses the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker. I only knew him a little but he felt like a big part of my life. I guess that's the main thing when someone dies, the realisation that you won't get to be with them and talk to them.But we're very lucky with the musical legacy that Prince has left behind because we can always hear him." And Corinne praised Prince for his generosity towards other artists.