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The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has recently published the latest in their missives on what to do about Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes to "solve the crisis".The PLSA seem to take a different view to that of the government who opined, in their recent Green Paper, believe that the majority of these schemes are affordable for their sponsoring employer.We can advise you on which of your pension schemes could be improved upon and which ones you should leave untouched.This advice is provided in the context of your own personal strategy, considering when you are aiming to retire, your target retirement income, your views on investment risk and your wider financial situation.The pension fund GE Nederland – covering GE’s subsidiaries for healthcare, industry and energy in the Netherlands – was also considering joining the cross-border pension fund, according to the Pensioenfonds GE Artesia Bank.‘Collaboration’ is fast becoming the UK pension sector’s new buzzword – but it could take legislative action before meaningful change is delivered for private sector schemes, according to experts.

Such a model exists at present through an insurance company buyout - an employer will transfer their liabilities to pay pensions to an insurance company in exchange for a significant premium (the buyout cost) which is calculated by the insurance company as sufficient to meet the pension promises with a significant buffer of cash to deal with fluctuations in future costs.It can be a minefield because there are dozens of different types of pension scheme and each one has its own particular set of variations.This has all come about because of changes in legislation and changes in employer pension scheme structures, not to mention pension companies changing hands (and names! Getting the information on all of your pensions into a helpful summary gives you a clear idea of the value of your pension benefits.Access to a Superfund would require a sponsoring employer to put their hand in their pocket and pay a premium to hive off their liabilities, but it would seem that PLSA believe that this could be cheaper than the current buyout model.A cynic might suggest that this would result in the strength of the benefit promise being weakened.