Cisco phones not updating

I typically use Free FTPd, but use whatever s FTP client you are comfortable with.

Now before you go off installing firmware files, there is one crucial step I would always recommend: .

For Cisco phones, you can create a "Live CD" to handle firmware upgrades rather than shipping phones back and forth to the Shore Tel Sky Support offices. Note that upgrading firmware via a "Live CD" is only supported for Cisco phones.

This article explains how to reset your Cisco 7945, 79 IP phone to factory defaults, and how to upgrade the firmware to the latest available version.

Cisco recommends using the most recent 7.0(3) load as the intervening load to avoid lengthy upgrade times.

Occasionally in voice world you are required to update firmware for just certain phone types and not others.

If you jump over to CUCM Administration, you will see that the device default fields for your phone models have been updated to the version you have just installed.

I've been working on several phones, and the phones themselves are not updating.

Once installed, repeat the process on the subscribers as well.*** Now at this point, newbies to voice might think that their work here is done, firmware file installation reported complete, so what could be left? In this case, the system has actually done you a favor.First, hop on over to and download the firmware files for CUCM.In my case, I downloaded cmterm-7945_7965-sccp.9-3-1SR4-1sgn.** Save the file to your s FTP directory and launch your s FTP client.It is strongly recommended to not purposely buy these devices new or as a replacement.Legacy phone devices have a limited feature set and can only be supported up to a certain point by the 3CX Support Team - you may well need to contact vendor support directly for some matters.