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If you’ve got good photos, you’ve got an opportunity to make some useful extra money. (And keep reading the Photopreneur blog for details on them…) [update – our best selling book, 99 Ways To Make Money from Your Photos, based on this post, is available as a paperback on amazon] 1. Turn your photos into mini-Moo cards and market them as unique intros for business people who think they’re unique.

WARNING: Do not read my books unless you want to immerse yourself in hot-hotty-hotness. Give them an exclusive library of images and they’ll have a unique offer for their customers; you’ll have your own microstock customer base. Create creative car window covers When the weather is hot, cars get hotter. Earn every day with calendars Calendars are simple to make but tough to get into stores. Take a look at what’s on offer, create pictures that match the chairs… So talk to a bag designer and build a winning team. Take trendy pictures, print them on thin paper and sell them to kids who want their books to look cool. Stretch your pictures to 42 inches The price of flat-screen TVs has fallen faster than an anvil in a road-runner cartoon. Put a mouse on an image Zazzle is one site that lets you put a photo on a mousepad and sell it through their store… Create a photography book …and Blurb makes it a breeze to publish your photos in a book and sell it to admiring fans for a profit. Create a specialized photography book It’s nice to put your favorite images in a photography book; it’s nice money when you put your kid’s school soccer team in a book and sell it to their parents. Give My Space users unique pages It’s hard to stand out on My Space and other networking sites… Other printers can do the same thing, letting you turn photos into long shapes to cover dull PCs. Give hosting companies exclusive libraries Hosting companies give packages to clients that can include microstock deals. Build a membership base Create a club and give members a photo a day with an explanation of how it was shot. Take 52 themed pictures, print them on cards and take a bet on gamblers. Take to student life Students don’t have much money. But they do have enough to pay freelance photographers with good pictures and they’re open-minded enough to try someone new. Why shouldn’t the developers put your pictures on the wall? Decorate furniture stores It’s not just developers that need to create fake living spaces; furniture stores do it too. Put it in the bag You can put anything on a handbag these days, even a ,000 price tag. but plenty of kids are still there and every year they have to cover their school books — usually in horrible colored paper. They may be small but they’re big enough to hold a photo with sticker. Print them on cards and sell them in niche outlets in restricted doses. Call some pals, create some poses and print them as story books. Turn your pictures into wallpapers Desktop wallpapers are still big business. So sell them and appear on computers across the nation. Help campaigning groups Local pressure groups need images for their campaigns and they’re the sort that aren’t easy to find — beautiful pictures of the local woods, for example, or the headquarters of a property developer. Local newspapers often will too, especially the free ones. “When you said you’re attracted to me,” she continues. “That.” Back in session three Lori was trying to build my self-esteem, the lack of which is one of the reasons I’m in treatment.Within the confines of my family, I’ve always been the biggest target of ridicule.