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ADDA supports training, conferences, and research into ADHD's causes and treatment. : The Other Side of ADHD: A clearinghouse for positive and alternative information. To help those with neurodevelopmental disorders live active and healthy lives, the University of California, Davis, Health System has established a unique interdisciplinary institute to conduct research and provide clinical programs focused on these disorders.

There are many things other than "neurological defects" that might cause a person to fall within the DSM IV diagnostic criteria for ADHD, such as giftedness, natural temperamental traits, allergies and nutritional deficiencies. Current Research on Attention Deficit Disorder: Science Daily offers annotated links to many current research papers and studies from various publications and institutions.

Jennifer has been fighting her parents, Anne and Charles, for custody of her 6-year-old daughter and claims they are "out to get her".

They say Jennifer is irresponsible and incapable of being a good mother, and she needs help getting her life back on track.

Indeed, children and adults with AD/HD were often wrongly labeled a"behavior problem", "unmotivated", or "not intelligent enough" - and many clinicians and educators knew little about ADD.

CHADD is a national organization with over 32,000 members and more than 500 chapters nationwide, providing support and information on ADHD.

I consider myself to have a visual impairment with symptoms of dizziness, sensory overload like being overwhelmed in a grocery store or dept. I have a terrible time with computer monitors making me dizzy or giving me a headache in a very short time-the TV however does not effect me this way why? I've heard something about refresh rates being different-not sure what that is. I also suggest visiting an ophthalmologist and discussing the symptoms. Many thanks, 5er For me, as a programmer, the most important thing was getting a flicker free monitor.

Also, I've heard that Flat Panel monitors may be better for the eyes. My first thought would be an astigmatism, which would give you eye strain and headaches. I have similar issues dizziness 24/7 sometimes vertigo... Other factors I think helped are controlling blood pressure and being well rested.

We assess and support adults with neurological differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD that can make learning, employment and life an extra challenge." Ableize HDHD Resources - "Ableize disability directory.The ADD Action Group: A non-profit organization that helps people find alternative solutions for Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Differences, Dyslexia and Autism.The ADD Action Group espouses the belief that because there is not one cause for these conditions, there is not one solution, and that each person is unique in their particular needs. DHEA on the list of the most controversial supplements released for sale in the United States be present in several studies which relate their low levels and various health problems dhea comprar It has become a very search term in south american countries like where this type of supplement has gained enough popularity.