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The Lotto’s failure to find an outright winner has sparked controversy since Camelot increased the number of balls from 49 to 59.

Dr John Haigh, from the University of Sussex, said he had worked out the chance of matching the winning numbers to be just one in 45,057,474.“The change means you are more likely to date a supermodel, odds of 189,200 to one, or give birth to identical quadruplets, a 15 million to one chance, than win tonight’s jackpot,” he said.

The odds had gone from “dreadful” to “more dreadful”, he added: “The number of possible combinations has increased from nearly 14 million to just over 45 million, so the chance of matching the jackpot-winning numbers has dropped from about 1 in 14 million to 1 in 45 million, about one third as good.”Players are more likely to be hit by lightning, a 576,000 to one chance, attacked and killed by a shark (3.7 million to one) or dying from a bee sting (6.1 million to one) than finding themselves an overnight multi-millionaire.

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