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The clapper-board on the internal movie gives the director as Jeanne Wanninger, and the DP as Bart Binnema.

Binnema is the actor playing the DP; the surname of the director Jeanne (played by Ann Parillaud) is borrowed from the actor playing her assistant, Léo.

The character who plays the director in the movie is based on Breillat, the sex scene in question is taken from her earlier film ‘ A Ma Soeur' as is the main teenage actress.

But the film, like all of Breillat's work, is not entertainment alone.

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Although interventions to reduce the incidence of LBW in both developed and developing countries have been disappointingly unsuccessful, the percentages of LBW and infant mortality rates have consistently declined in Cuba over the past decade, from a rate of 9.0% in 1992 to 5.1% in 2009 (Figure 1).

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