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Screen Updating = screenupdating print 'Starting word' def open(self,doc): self.opendoc=basename(doc) Open(File Name=doc) def replace(self,source,target): if target=='':target=' ' alltext=

Execute(Replace=1, Forward=True) #Special handling to do replace in text boxes # shp in

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However, I *can* change the Screen Updating from the immediate window. Screen Updating = False b Global Change Event = True Application. About to go home for the day, but I plan on trying to print Application. So while Screen Updating always is True in debug mode, this is not the issue for me.

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Value 5 Next Cell Call YK_End End Sub using these procedures. EDIT #1 There are many ways to measure the execution time of your code; I don't know the most accurate one; I only need approximate value; See: How do you test running time of VBA code?

Visible = False For Each File In Dir Set obj Workbook = obj Excel.