Building your online dating profile

An upbeat attitude is essential if you want to win people over, so sit down to write your profile when you are in a positive frame of mind.

Be interesting, distinguish yourself, and express your personality as much as you can.

I’m not saying you should totally compromise your answers. And then for others, they may think everything about them is attractive and have a little bit too much of a bias towards themselves.

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So when all of the analytics add up, because you’re so specific in your responses, you may miss out on some good choices in a partner. Plus, you can always pair down your choices from there. Sometimes it is tough to know what makes you attractive and how to summarize that quickly in a dating profile.

An unexciting profile that fails to instantly impress, however, will be swiftly overlooked and forgotten.

We asked 1000 Elite Singles members what attracted them to other members’ profiles and what turned them off.

USE A THESAURUS to make your sentences sizzle, and that often starts with what are called active verbs. That is why women use so many words during the day because they are constantly painting pictures. If you can paint a picture of what a woman COULD be part of you will capture her attention and her heart. “I like to spend Sunday mornings wrestling in the sand with my lab.

Example: If you love your dog, you might want to write: I love dogs! Rather, paint a picture of you relating to your dog that she can feel, see, enjoy and project herself into that picture… She’s hilarious- running up to say hi to everybody. Show, Don’t Tell: Possibly the most important writing rule of all.

Building your online dating profile