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In other words, the baby could not only have been used to accommodate an actress’ blessed event, it could have also reignited the show’s satire-rooted premise.(After all, remember that ol’ tortured metaphor from an early seasonal commentary?

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The period of the late 80s till the end of the 90s was surely a golden era for the American TV industry. The show also proved to be a career launching pad for some of the stars.star's divorce from actress Andrea Elmer Faustino became final on Friday, according to court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, ending three years of less-than-wedded bliss.The couple separated in May of last year and the 33-year-old actor filed a petition seeking to end their union back last February, citing the usual irreconcilable differences.And like today, when boycotting something has the exact opposite effect as the one desired, a campaign to boycott the show actually made it more popular (thanks to the show's pretty raunchy overtones).Back on April 5th, the show celebrated the 29-year-anniversary of its first episode, and on June 9 of this year, it'll celebrate the 19-year-anniversary of its last, which marked the end of its 11-season run.