Brick fascade updating

While the emotional value a remodeling project adds to a home usually pays off, unfortunately the monetary value rarely does.Let’s face it, you’re not always going to recoup the money you spent on a remodeling project when it comes time to sell.Brick veneer is produced from shale or clay and are kiln-fired.It is much like facing brick except it is approximately ½ inch to 2 inches thick. Prepare the surface before installing brick veneer by removing all dirt, oil, plaster and paint from the wall where the brick veneer will be installed.

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I’m not saying that was the reason why one house sold and the others didn’t, but spending the extra money sure didn’t seem to help.An alternative that gives your home a fresh, clean, modern look is to paint the veneer.Painting over brick requires the right tools and timing for the job, but it’s a weekend project you can tackle easily on your own, saving yourself hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars. For an indoor surface, an all-purpose spray cleaner and scrub brush may suffice.For stubborn stains or grime found indoors or outdoors, mix trisodium phosphate with water at ratios recommended by the manufacturer and scrub the wall clean.Alternatively, for very dirty exterior veneer, use a pressure washer.