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Following the clamorous success of his first public commission for three canvases in San Luigi dei Francesi (1599–1600), Caravaggio's work came to be seen in contrast to the idealist style promoted by Annibale Carracci and his pupils (see 1971.155), and the resulting dialectical relationship certainly encouraged the development of the opposing tendencies in their art. "Caravaggio and His Followers in Rome," June 17–September 11, 2011, no. In the Cerasi Chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo (1600–1601), the work of both was intentionally juxtaposed. Caravaggio's proclivity towards violence and his inability to get on with his colleagues may also have played a part and these character flaws have loomed large in the biographical interpretation of his paintings. Furthermore, the effectiveness of such mechanisms appears to have a complex relationship with the halo mass of the host cluster and the dynamics of the galaxies that comprise it, the density and temperature of the intracluster medium (ICM), local galaxy density, mass of the individual galaxies, and cosmic epoch (e.g., Fujita & Nagashima 1999; Poggianti et al. Observations from this survey have been used to great effect to study the properties of both groups and clusters and their galaxy content (e.g., Gómez et al. However, these studies alone provide only a baseline for studies of cluster and group galaxies in the higher redshift universe because, in general, the galaxies populating structures in the low-redshift universe have come to the end of their evolution. This represents only 80% of the final VUDS data on this field, because one VUDS VIMOS quadrant, centered at [] has yet to be reduced at the time of publication.Initial investigations of clusters beyond the local universe found that the fraction of galaxies that displayed a significant gas content, bluer colors, and late-type (i.e., spiral) morphologies increased rapidly with decreasing cosmic epoch (Butcher & Oemler 1984). For further discussion of the survey design, observations, reduction, redshift determination, and the properties of the full VUDS sample see Le Fèvre et al. The bulk of the lower redshift () spectroscopy in this field was drawn from observations taken as part of the VVDS “Deep” and “Ultra-Deep” surveys (see Le Fèvre et al.