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Traitor’s hate is almost here and our favorite villains are getting an all new set of psychic disciplines, just as loyal marines got with Angels of Death.We’ve seen the basics from the GW psychic card set product details but at the 11th hour more has come down to us all: – Sinistrum Discipline: tear away the psychic energies of your foes, bolster your own, and annihilate with hideous curses from the darkness of the void; – Heretech Discipline: drive your mind into the inner workings of enemy war machines, dominate their machine spirits with the cruel will of a torturer and make armoured might into weakness; – Ectomancy Discipline: draw upon the power of the Warp, manifesting crackling black lightning with which to scorch the foe, burn projectiles out of the air or tear holes in reality; – Geomortis Discipline: rip open great chasms, cause the ground itself to erupt in geysers of razor-sharp rock or even reshape the world into a form more – or less – pleasing to the eye.It’s also about being in control of your dating and social life.Absolute Power Dating brings free tips and exclusive instructional videos to men who want to refine their social skills, specifically with regards to going out and meeting women.Anyone can learn the APD system regardless of looks, social status, and financial background.

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