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in a refreshing direction, but it never really seized that potential, and at least one cast member was all too aware of the show’s problems.

Robert Beltran, who played Chakotay, recently gave an honest and extensive interview to Star, and he wasn’t shy about airing his grievances about the series.

Perhaps Beltran had a more critical eye toward the show because he was not a from anything.

But I liked ‘The Caretaker’ [pilot] script and the role of Chakotay.

Interestingly, Brannon [Braga] and I had a part from the get-go that we never found somebody to do. Underneath all that horror, he is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met." "It's an incredible feeling. The 17th century-set, supernatural drama will return with fresh episodes on Nov. Shock rocker Manson will portray Thomas Dinley, "a barber and surgeon who is the go-to man in Salem for everything from a shave and a haircut to being leeched, bled, sliced open or sewn up," the network said in a press release introducing the 20-second video clip. 2nd," the show's official Twitter account said Friday.We always wanted to have a barber/surgeon on the show and we mentioned that to him and he was like, 'Done.' He totally even knew what that character meant, what it was. So, he brings so much personality and knowledge to it.