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Now sources say Jennifer is gloating over their breakup. I think as far as she’s concerned, this is a case of karma catching up with her,” an insider divulged.“The way I see it, Renee swooped in and basically stole Bradley away from her.She was devastated, and I think she’s been seething about it ever since.

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Another weird coincidence is that Jennifer (Aniston) has an ex-husband named Bradley (Pitt) and Bradley (Cooper) has an ex-wife named Jennifer (Esposito). Which isn’t bad at all.” Maybe it’s true, but maybe he’s a shade too wordy and vehement about it? If someone says ‘hello’ to her, it’s given that he’s fallen in love with her. “I got hired in at the beginning of the casting, and my part was solely with Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Connelley.Seriously, this is one of the funniest stories I’ve read all week – it’s a thing of beauty: Turnabout is fair play – and Jennifer Aniston is rejoicing in Renee Zellweger’s misery after her split from Bradley Cooper, the Enquirer has learned.Aniston was heartbroken when Bradley ended their romance nearly two years ago and started dating Renee almost immediately.