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In a life threatening emergency call 000 and for emergency flood or storm assistance, call the State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500.

Council will continue to operate the Local Disaster Coordination Centre tonight and tomorrow.

"(But) the crossing point has shifted south a little bit." Mr Crock said "a couple of points" out on the reef had wind recordings of 100km an hour while Hamilton Island was experiencing winds of 80km an hour. "(And) we're certainly expecting winds to increase," he said.

Currently rainfall in Airlie Beach has been on and off but Mr Crock said as the cyclone moved closer, the frequency would increase.

FOLLOW OUR COVERAGE OF CYCLONE DEBBIE HERE As north Queensland wakes up to devastation, the weather front is making its way south east towards Sydney and is bringing torrential rain, with over 100mm expected in some parts and gale force winds.

Severe Weather Warning: Heavy rain and damaging winds from ex #Cyclone Debbie.

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"Because of that, there will be widespread rainfall over the eastern half of NSW on Thursday, with the heaviest falls to be around the northern rivers." The rainfall totals on Thursday will be 100mm or more in many parts of the state, with some locations in the northern rivers predicted to get a dumping of 300mm or more, as a result of ex-cyclone Debbie.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist David Crock said Debbie had been travelling southwards however a direction change was still expected.

"We're still expecting it to take a right turn and head towards Ayr and Bowen," he said.

"Given the present conditions, floodwaters can rise very quickly due to heavy rainfall that has occurred upstream, even if it is not currently raining where you are living.

"All residents should also be vigilant for any fallen powerlines or other hazards including debris on roads." Residents in possible affected areas are urged to make the following initial preparations: Make alternative arrangements for pets Pack important documents and photos in waterproof packaging and keep them within easy access to vehicles Move vehicles to higher ground Move items under houses which may be affected by water Monitor BOM flood level reports on an hourly basis at Listen to ABC Radio for relevant disaster information updates and warnings.