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Angered, the queen of the gods has Poseidon unleash the monstrous beast Craken to destroy their village unless Cassiopeias daughter, Andromeda, is sacrificed.

Perseus, the son of Zeus, becomes enchanted with the breathtaking beauty and is determined to save her from this fate.

Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say.

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When Leeza follows Danny out from the clinic for the first time, Danny claims his brother runs a limo service called Larry's Limos.

The hero, armed with a magical shield, a winged stallion and a mechanical owl, discovers the only way to defeat the monster is with the head of Medusa.

The gods watch and intervene on Perseus quest to save his beloved.

The escape was planned from when the jail was constructed: my father ordered them to leave a few bricks loose.

In a small Catholic boarding school an unspeakable act has been committed.