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You got to I know you Had you in a trance first glance from the floor too Don't believe I'll show you, take you with me Turn you on, tension gone, give you relief Put your trust in a bomb when you listen to me Damn she much thinner know now I'm complete Still stallion, brick house, pile it on Ryde or Die bitch, double R, came strong Beware, cause I crush anything I land on Me here, ain't no mistake nigga it was planned on [Hook: Gwen Stefani (Eve)] If I had to give you more, it's only been a year Now I've got my foot through the door, and I ain't going nowhere It took a while to get me here, and I'm gonna take my time Don't fight that good shit in your ear, now let me blow ya mind Samples/sounds eerily similar to Dr.

Dre’s last track “The Message” from the “2001” album featuring Mary J Blige.

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” Perhaps because there is a form of nudity in the film.

The selling point seems to be “see this before it’s taken down!(Verse 1) She had her hair did up, like she was spendin hours at the mirror In the mornin, on her forehead oil shinin' of course and I showed her she's important, finally someone noticed kept her focus After girls would call her gross and she did the same for me Gave me juice when I made my beats, scratched my back and boiled my tea Kept me out of misery, but then like that it changed Watched the sun turn into rain, all her texts were always the same Actin like she don't know my name (Chorus) I, I, I don't want to meet nobody else And I, I, I don't want to need nobody's help I shouldn't say that I don't want you around, around, around, around What I meant to say is you were holdin me down, me down, me down Don't be a bitch You were holdin me down, it's like I'm runnin around Lookin for happiness, and you told me that you had it found But you were being a bitch to me, so why do you leave it around?And you were holdin my dreams, you had the lock and the keys Lookin for happiness and you told me to just look at me But you were being a bitch to me, so why are you even around?It portrays a very casual and innocent and non-sexualised body image that existed in Scandinavia when I was growing up, but this casual nudity is being thrown into present day symbols. I’m still thinking about the fire in Oakland that happened in December every day, and I’m thinking – here we are, labelling anything NSFW, without thinking or analysing what the actual content is.Where everything nude, regardless of the nature or meaning of the body, is sexualised. While so many artists (and so many people, marginalised for capitalist reasons) and their expressions exist so far from an actual safe spaces.